What killed Sirius Black?

Harry saw Sirius duck Bellatrix’s jet of red light: He was laughing at her. “Come on, you can do better than that!” he yelled, his voice echoing around the cavernous room.

The second jet of light hit him squarely on the chest.

The laughter had not quite died from his face, but his eyes widened in shock.

It seemed to take Sirius an age to fall. His body curved in a graceful arc as he sank backward through the ragged veil hanging from the arch….

And Harry saw the look of mingled fear and surprise on his godfather’s wasted, once-handsome face as he fell through the ancient doorway and disappeared behind the veil, which fluttered for a moment as though in a high wind and then fell back into place. — Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

There are a lot of unanswered questions about Sirius’s death.

Bellatrix’s curse seems to have been red, not green, and did not cause instant death. If it wasn’t an Avada Kedavra curse, then what killed Sirius?

Sirius was alive when he fell through the arch. If he hadn’t fallen through the arch would he still have died? Did the veil kill Sirius?

Did Sirius fall through the arch by accident? Did Bellatrix’s curse purposely cause him to fall through the veil? Or did the arch itself pull his body toward it, like a magnet?



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  1. I believe that the fall thru the veil killed Sirius. I always thought that Sirius was shot with a stunning curse (which shoots out a red light), which caused him to fall thru the veil. And Bellatrix knew that to fall thru the veil would kill you, which is why she screams in triumph.
    But what is the veil? I have no clue. All the adults seemed to know what the veil was though.

  2. If JK Rowling realy loved Sirius ( as she sais ). Why does she make his death look so in vain. Couldn’t she at least gave him an honourable death ( he was obviously stronger than Bellatrix )

  3. Adella

    I’ll bet Sirius isn’t dead. I mean, like EMIL said, JK Rowling really liked Sirius, and his death wasn’t even by the Avada Kedavra curse. Does anyone else think he might have just been sent somewhere or hidig undercover for the Order or something?

  4. HANNA

    i think bellatrix meant to push sirius into the veil but i didnt understand what the veil was…could someone tell me what it is?

  5. I agree, if she loved him so much he should have had a better death. At least gone down fighting a group of death eaters. and she could have troubled herself to explain what the veil is/represented. It drives me crazy wondering if he was alive when he went through it. If you walked through it would it kill you? what if you had a rope around you and someone to pull you back?

  6. shannon

    hey i think that bellatrix tried to kill him but she used the fall through the veil to do it instead of using the killing curse. i dont know why j.k. would kill him but she said that she doesnt kll people lightly . i wanted bellatrix to die and still do i hate her for killing the man that was my second-favorite character!!!(next to harry)!!!!! harry should have named his som James Sirius Potter!!!

  7. ardi

    i think sirius wasnt actually dead when he fell throw the veil,and he didnt die afterwards ither…i have no idea what the veil is but i guess it sends u to another dimention or sth(u could hear the whisperings behind the veil) .so sirius isnt dead,he just isnt there…this just makes the hole thing more painful,thats sort of the point,for harry to fight nearly alonelike a way to stress the fact that against evil we are almost everytime alone.anyway…,im from albania,and it was really amusing reading the name of my country in my favorite book,never mind the contecst!!!!!

  8. jaemo

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  9. Bekah!

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  10. Caley

    Wasn’t Bellatrix his cousin?! I mean i hate my cousins but I would never do that even if I was insane! I think Bellatrix stunned him and he stumbled and fell into the veil which killed him… I think the veil represents the difference between death and living.

  11. Lee

    First of all let me say that I absolutely love Sirius but I think he got the death he deserved. I know he always wanted to go down fighting 50 or so Death Eaters but JKR has let him be killed by his cousin Bellatrix in such a way to show just how flawed he really is.

    Sirius, I imagine, did not even consider the option of death that day and was laughing and ridiculing Bellatrix as if they were in a friendly duel. He let his guard down and she took that opportunity to finish him off. As sad as this is if he had taken things more seriously this might have been prevented, when you reread OotP there are endless people to point your finger at and accuse them of causing his death but in the end it doesn’t matter.

    Sirius was as arrogant when he got out of Azkaban as he was when he was 15 years old, he loathed his family for thtinking that they were better than everyone else and yet he, Sirius, thought that he was better that many people: Snape, Kreacher and, in the end, Bellatrix. These firey qualities that make Sirius the character that we all are his weaknesses as well as his strengths.

    All that said; I still love Sirius, he is brave, strong, loyal and a man who was treated so unfairly all through life but still could (sometimes) see the best in things. I wouldn’t have him any other way.

  12. the veil is where dead loved ones are? what i always thought, don’t have any author citings to give.

  13. I think that Sirus is really dead, but that he will return somehow in book seven. I think the Veil killed Sirius because it is something of a portal between life and death. Sirius supposed to be dead, because Rowling said he’s dead but i think he will be postmortem later when (if) he returns. Does anyone know what is behind the Veil, because if there are people, Sirius can be miraclously alive.

  14. I think that Sirius Black is dead, but he was hit by a Stupefy Curse, not Avada Kedavra, so i belive, too, that Sirius died when he fell through the Veil. However, Sirius can be alive because, no one knows what’s behind the Veil, so that is possible that he’s alive, but trapped. It would be really nice to Harry ever again enters the Dept. of Mysteries and talk to Sirius.

  15. Don’t worry, shannon, Bellatrix will die in book seven, and Harry will name his eldest son James Sirius Potter.

  16. I think that Sirius Black isn’t dead, because he was only hit with a Stupefy Spell, witch shoots red light and dont causes instant death. As it said on top, the next jet of RED light hit him sqarely on the chest, not a jet of green light. I think that Sirius is or trapped in the Veil, or working undercover for the Order of the Phoenix. Besides, J.K.Rowling said that she dosen’t likes killing people, so why would she killed Sirius, Harry’s only true connection to his dead parents, James Potter and Lily Evans.

  17. Sirius is dead because in the 7th book Harry is able to ask Sirius and his mom and dad if death hurts he would not have been able to respond if he didn’t know what it felt like to die.

  18. Alex

    It was Bellatrix who killed Sirius because she used the killing curse on him if you pay attention in the movie… it was just after he died he went into the veil

  19. Andy


    The movies are non-cannon. The book is the hard fact. You’ve heard the non-cannon spells in the movies (like lacarnum inflammare and perriculum) and you’ve seen alternate plots, like Neville giving Harry to Gillyweed.

    I personally believe that Bellatrix hit Sirius with any sort of jinx, hex, or curse, which caused him to stumble into the veil. We’ve seen spells that have the same color light, so maybe it was Stupefy, maybe it wasn’t.

  20. I think he died because he got hit directly on the chest. That might have sent him into shock and then, of course, he fell through the veil of no return.

  21. Honoria Granger

    I think the Veil was between life and death, as others have suggested. Because Luna points out, smiling, that “they” can be heard just out of sight, whispering: her mother, Harry’s dead loved ones, presumably others.

    I think it was there in the Ministry as a means of execution; hence the tiers of seats around it. Someone condemned for using an Unforgivable Spell could be forced to step through the Arch as a form of capital punishment.

    And I agree that Sirius, flawed, got the death he deserved, and also earned.

  22. H33r

    i loved sirius’s character more than any other in novels, when people say he was flawed, he was wrong, he was not wholly good, just keep in mind how much that guy suffered, living with dementors for 12 years, came back and was all alone, nobody sees his suffering, keep saying he is bad, look at dumbledore he trusted snape but not sirius , why , cz dumbledore wasnt a goody goody himself, ppl criticize sirius, but the truth is he died and suffered cz of harry potter and dumbledore!!!

  23. mosie rosie

    i’m considering not reading the 6th book because i’m so upset with jkr for mysteriously killing sirius black. i believe bellatrix used a stunning spell because every other time the spell was used, red light also came out of the wand. i have no explanation why he was killed. was it the veil? to make it easier on me if she could have not let sirius give harry the two way mirror. that really upset me! adios amigos

  24. Elmdor

    the veil was the door to the other side, one way entry, or to another dimension.

  25. Sarah

    JKR does love Sirius, but she also took great pains to point out, throughout OOTP (and to a certain extent in GOF as well), that Sirius was impetuous and rash. Harry began to emulate him. As the chosen one, Harry needs to be more careful, but Sirius (though well-meaning) encouraged him to take risks (in the movie he says, “What’s life without a little risk?”, in the book he says similar things). When Sirius died, it made Harry realize that he needed to be more careful and only risk his life when it really mattered, and not for kicks.

  26. embarassed2reply

    Just as in King Kong, where “…Oh no, it wasn’t the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast…” It was Pride and Hubris that killed Sirius.

  27. Proffesor Flitwick

    I think sirius was hit by a stupify spell, which sent him stumbling into the veil, switching him from life to death, and of course if he switched to death then he’s dead.

  28. #1siriusblacklover

    I really really really really miss sirius when i found out that he died I actually cried for a day and a half. Bellatrix is a death eater and even though sirius was her brother or cousin she did work for You-know-who so she didn’t care if he died. J.K. Rowling cares about Sirius but she also said that the movies get more ghastly and bloody and deathly. One thing I don’t get is what is the story behind the veil? Please answer that question.
    Missin’ Padfoot was here,
    Bellatrix Lestrange hater

  29. #1Bellatrixhater

    Professer Flitwick He wasn’t hit by the stupefy spell I heard Bellatrix say avada kervada in the movie. and in the book she says that.

  30. LupinLover

    I m
    I mis
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    I miss S
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    I miss Sir
    I miss Siri
    I miss Siriu
    I miss Sirius

    I hate Bellatrix, Voldemort, Wormtail,Snape, Malfoy, and all death eaters!!!!

  31. alexa

    the veil is like “the other side”. those who are dead go behind the veil, but sirius stumbled back into it, passing over from life to death. i think it must mean something that he went over in his body, not just in spirit. unfortunately, JK Rowling doesn’t make any significance of this.
    oh well..

  32. Cristina C.

    In all likelihood, the curtain is some ancient mystery that no one really understands. JK Rollings will probably write another series or give someone the right to explain it. The mystery seemed to be sufficient enough to spawn this board; therefore it may be worthwhile to write it into a future book (about the past). May I also note that the curtain appears very old and is in the basement of the building on a risen area. It would seem that the Department of Mysteries was built around the curtain. It’s old.

  33. Uh no

    Sirius died by the killing curse, in the movie anyways. Bellatrix said “Avada Kadavra” right before she hit Sirius in the chest which was a jet of green light. I dunno where you guys got the fact that he didn’t get Kadavra’d.

  34. Isabella

    The Veil is a kind of door into a dimension between being dead and alive, you pass through and you will die slowly and painless.
    Just after Bellatrix (kind of) push Sirius through the Veil he’s not quiet dead, but he’s not alive. He leave this world, and there is no option to go back.

    Practically he didn’t have to be dead when he pass the Veil, but he will never come back; Sirius Black is dead, painless.

  35. Belladonna

    In the book on page 805 it says and I quote:
    “Only one couple were still battling, apparently unaware of the new arrival. Harry saw Sirius duck Bellatrix’s jet of red light: He was laughing at her. “Come on, you can do better than that!” he yelled, his voice echoing around the cavernous room.
    The second jet of light hit him squarely on the chest.
    The laughter had not quite died from his face, but his eyes widened in shock.”
    The book does not say what either of the spells were. The one with the red light we can assume is a Stunner but the second was never specified. I, personally do not think it was an AK. I believe he was alive when he went through the Veil. As for the movie, well they have to change some thing to make it more interesting for the audience. Another example is in the movie Sirius called Harry James while they were fighting, in the book he did not. In writing it is easier to see subplots, however, so that could be the reason for it in the movie.

  36. carlosnick

    i believe serious is dead just because the movie producers work with j.k. rowling and she has to make all the films fit of course many of the alternate plots can be left out but she surely must have the main plot running parallel between film and book therefor since in the film it is clear that serius dies i believe he will not return.
    I still have unanswered questions about the veil and I too would like to find out more….
    Anyway to post the comment I have read book and seen the film and the nature of the veil is unspecified maybe it is some magical object witch some myths refer to…

  37. I have had many debates with my friends about which killed Sirius, the veil or Bellatrix. We have come to the conclusion that it had to be the veil. Bellatrix was being just as rash as Sirius, just more cold and calculating. They each thought they were playing with each other, teasing the other with light stunning spells. Unfortunately, the stunning spell stunned Sirius. This made him fall (because he was stunned) right into the veil. He was alive as he passed through the veil, and the veil (whatever it is) killed him. The only flaw in my theory is that it says in the book, “The laughter had not quite died from his face, but his eyes widened in shock.” JKR always says something about laughter on peoples faces when they die, so he must be dead. But, it also says that his eyes widened in shock. If they were widening, he must still have been alive. I am so confused.

  38. he died because of the spell cast by Lestrange.
    It. is actually an avada kedavra curse.
    I felt really bad when he got killed by Lestrange because he is the only Godfather of harry in the whole book.

  39. confused

    here is a description of how/where he died

  40. Gregorowitch

    Here is a quote from a commenter Lee:

    “Sirius, I imagine, did not even consider the option of death that day and was laughing and ridiculing Bellatrix as if they were in a friendly duel. He let his guard down and she took that opportunity to finish him off….
    Sirius was as arrogant when he got out of Azkaban as he was when he was 15 years old…Sirius, thought that he was better that many people: Snape, Kreacher and, in the end, Bellatrix.”

    I cant resist a little rant here. You need to understand that Sirius Black was energetic. Yes, he was haughty when young, yes he was fond of adventure. And he admitted it as a grown up so I don’t see him being bigheaded.

    Okay so Sirius had an impetuous youth. He grew up without love, and ran away from home. Then he got convicted of murders he never committed and at 21 sent to jail where he languished for TWELVE years. So he was embittered. Not unhinged. You see a rational Sirius in GOF.

    But then, after everything he’d been through he was stuck at home with an abusive portrait and an abusive Kreacher. He just hated Kreacher, i mean, look at what he’d been through after everything he couldnt stand it so vented it out on Kreacher.

    I will not agree that it was pride that killed sirius nor that he underestimated the dangers of war. He was just overcome with turbulent emotions, thats why he laughed (remember it happened before?)
    He had been shut up for so long and now he was free, whipped into action and suddenly in full combat. He wasn’t loosing his senses exactly but, when he was up there, up on the DAIS, the stage, openly fighting against the enemy a wave of uncontrolled exhilaration broke over him, and he laughed.

    Might I add that Sirius ALSO didnt die because Bellatrix was a better witch than him. (lol). His laughter curbed his reflexes there. There is a echo of this when Bella herself snuffs it at Molly’s wand… not because she was less talented in magic than Mrs Weasley, but because she laughed.

    So now I feel better! And I miiiisss Sirius!!

  41. Victoria

    I think that the veil was a portal, kind of, to where ever you go after you die. Almost like limbo, he went there, then went to Heaven (or, Merlin forbid…Hell. No, not Siri) . I don’t know if he would have died if he hadn’t fallen through, but I don’t think the fall really “killed” him. I think he just kind of passed from living to dead, just as he passed from the Department of Mysteries to whereever the veil lead, or even inside the veil. I think that there was a point to us not really knowing what happened, and H. Potter. M.D., didn’t he die fighting a group of Death Eaters? Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

  42. Meg

    I think everyone agrees that whatever curse Bellatrix got him with was not the Avada Kedavra curse. He didn’t move and his expression froze so the people who guessed that he was hit with a stunning spell are probably right. I think the veil could have been something that kills people who go through it. I don’t object the whole act even if Sirius was my all time favorite character but I think that JKR should’ve had him come back in the 7th book by, maybe, making it look as though the death eaters had kidnapped him after he fell through the veil which could’ve been some kind of a portal for them. JKR could’ve showed it as Voldemort was keeping him as hostage to get Harry to come to him and try to save Sirius. JKR could’ve also done something like Voldemort was about to kill both Harry and Sirius after Harry came to his rescue but they escape with Snape’s help which would’ve made Snape’s death a little more shocking and effective. Also, in the end, at least Harry wouldn’t be all alone after the battle’s over. Also, I partially agree with Lee. He deserved to know how it feels when you’re treated the way he was particularly treating Kreacher but he didn’t deserve to die.

  43. Helena Bonham Carter#1 Fan

    Bellatrix is awful but Helena Bonhan Carter is awesome!! Bellatrix used the Avada Kadavra curse and if even Sirius hadn’t fell through the veil, door, watever, he would have died too because (I think you all know) Avada Kadvra curse is a killing curse. But Sirius falling into the veil and disappearing mad it more dramatic ans sad. I actually cried! He was my fave. character!
    My fave. character:
    #1 Sirius
    #2 Bellatrix
    #3 Herminoe
    IDk why I like Bellatrix. I just think she’s funny
    — Simi

  44. Tom

    I think that Sirius did die, because she cast Avada Kadevera on him. She screamed it out

  45. Jacob

    Ok people in the fifth film version she seems to say Avada Kedavra but it is not. It was an undentified curse which pushes people. The veil is the arch and inside is the world of the dead, if a person walks through it they will die instantly people who are only half-way through the veil will be sucked in like Siruis was.

  46. Grace

    If you listen closely in the movie she says avada kadavra but that’s not what happens in the book, and when bellatrix hit him it was with a red light so i think she stunned himand he just fell. But i really hope that he just disapeared and didn’t die because i almost cried when it said that he was dead. either that or bellatrix should get a little taste of her own medicine, but maybe a (way) bigger dose.

  47. ....

    can i just say that if bellatrix was good, she would be like my NUMBER ONE favourite character. i dont know why… shes just so different

  48. xxx

    ppl, watch the scene! Bellatrix yells the killing curse and a GREEN light HITS Sirius, THAN he falls into the veil

  49. AK007

    xxx, try lasic or get a stronger prescription. A RED light hit Sirius. Iy you saw green … you are COLOR-BLIND. And get a decent set of headphones and actually listen to Bellatrix’ words … it was a STUN spell. Sirius stumbled through the veil in total disbelief. Twas beauty killed the beast.

  50. Ok. People. Sirius is ONLY hit with Avada Kedavra in the FILM – she speaks it and the jet of light is green. If you read the book, the light was red – stunning spell – and she never uttered a word. So…stun spell. The books are what is considered canon – yes, the films are close in most aspects, but creative license is taken. You want canon? Read the books.

    Sirius fell through the veil. Look at the quote “the look of mingled fear and surprise” – he wasn’t dead before he fell through. Avada Kedavra kills instantly. You don’t have time to react.

    Yep, I’m a HP fanatic, I know my stuff. Especially when it comes to Sirius. lol

  51. Jeremy

    Ok, I have always thought it had to be the veil. Sirius was hit with a stun, it was all in slow motion for Harry, which is why it was so detailed. The question is, how did the veil kill him,?

  52. Blaze

    Put simply, spirits of the dead are behind the veil. And he falls into it, and they take him.

  53. raphael

    a veil is a portal between life and death if anyoneone steps in it they die

  54. Analysist

    The veil is thought to be the gateway between life and death. Thus, Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood (who both has lost loved ones) can hear the dead inside the veil. It’s : Sirius falls into the gateway of death, or the Veil, and dies.

  55. Nessa

    The veil seperated life and death if you went in the other side of the veil you died. It is the vail of death. Bellatrix hit him with a spell that knocked him into the veil, it was not a killing curse

  56. Nessa

    #1BellatixLover in the movie she does NOT say Avada Kedavra in the movie the spell starts with an S

  57. lunaluvgood


  58. Albus Severus potter

    in the movie she does say that i just watched that part two secs ageo

  59. Maire

    Firstly, I believe that the veil is the divide between the living and “the other side”. I think I read somewhere in the books themselves (when the theme of death was being discussed) that this was definitely the case. But I could be wrong and I don’t have them to check. And as for what killed him, if you read the quote above very carefully, you’ll see that what we think was a stunner (the red beam of light) didn’t hit. Bellatrix then sent another spell at him (of unknown colour) which hit him. Now, spells seem to carry energy and force (they are able to deflect) and this one seemed to have a strong force behind it which caused Sirius to stumble back towards the veil. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem to have any visible effect. Sirius is still alive at this point and his
    expression changes from one of laughter to one of confusion and fear. So he probably felt something – or maybe he was just surprised that she hit him. Either way, it was a slow acting spell and before we could see what the spell did he stumbled through the veil. So, ultimately, it was the veil that killed him.
    And, he’s definitely dead – JKR says so. When I get home I’ll look up the veil – I could have sworn Dumbledore said something about it in the 6th or 7th books.
    Now, moving away from fact – did Sirius deserve his death? I do think it was a somewhat brave death to die – even if he didn’t take ten Death Eater down with him. He was rushing to Harry’s aid at the expense of, not only his life, but his freedom. And Bellatrix is not an easy witch to beat in a duel. He may have been careless with his life but I don’t think he had much to live for at that point in time. His mental health was long gone. When we see him in Deathly Hallows he seems to be much happier dead with his best mate. And after all, if we really love Sirius don’t we want him to be happy and not stuck, depressed, in Grimmauld Place?
    Also, Sirius’ role in the books was to give Harry a taste of what it’s like to have a father and rip it away. Awful, but…

  60. Maire

    Me again. Yeah, I just remembered what I thought was a nod towards the veil in the 7th book. Remember the tale of the three brothers? The second brother was separated from his (definitely) dead lover by some sort of veil. I don’t have the exact quote but JKR definitely used the word veil. So, of course, my mind jumped immediately to Sirius’ death. And I do think that it’s all linked.
    Also, Sirius was not hit by a stunner. And the movies are not canon – you can’t rely on them for details like this.

  61. The Veil is a place between the human world and the death world. So Sirius fell in there and so he got in the Death world.Which means he can’t come back. I don’t think Bellatrix used the Killing Curse on him… I think she stunned him. Which means he can’t come back. I got this from Yahoo! Answer :
    The question was :
    Basically the veil is the barrier between the living world and the world of the dead. Luna and Harry can hear the voices coming from it because they’ve both lost people that they love, and those people can sense them near them and are trying to reach out to them. Notice that the veil is constantly fluttering, even though there is not breeze in the room. That is the souls of the dead passing through the veil to the “other side”. Sirus cannot be saved once he falls through because he has passed from this world to the world of the dead

  62. Blake

    I think Sirius is still alive or in some kind of weird sleep behind the veil. If Harry and Luna could hear whispers behind it, someone or something is alive or stirring in that other dimension. If there was some way to get in then there is probably some magical way of getting out. Even if only people who have seen someone die can hear the voices, the people are probably there because only some people can see thestrals but it doesn’t mean they are not there because Ron and the others still flew on them. But Sirius is cool so I hope he is not dead. But since Harry has access to time turners, could he go back and possibly save sirius?

  63. MoonyPaddyProngs

    Blake: Well really in the Department of Mysteries, all the time tuners were destroyed so it is impossible for Harry to go back and save Sirius.

    Sirius is one of my favorite characters and I hope he isn’t dead because his last words to Harry was “Good one, James” instead of Harry, so that was proof that Sirius thought that Harry was his father and not himself.

  64. Sirius Orion Black (Padfoot)

    I hope Sirius isn’t dead! He’s my most favorite character… well actually Severus Snape is but Sirius Black is my second then…

  65. dylan

    I’m sorry to say this but Sirius is dead
    becuase in the last book he can summon al the loved once that he lost and sirius is one of them :/

  66. Lily

    I think that Sirius died when he stumbled through the viel due to the curse Bellatrix hit him with, which I believe was Stupefy

  67. Professor R.J Lupin

    i was wondering is Dumbledore truely dead because in the movie he got hit by a jet of blue light not green

  68. John

    Sirius was clearly hit by Avada kedavra and killed, watch the film and read the books!!!

  69. Armandbenjamin

    I think Sirius died because he was in shock and went through the veil when Bellatrix stupefied him

  70. Hpexpert

    Sorry to dissapoint all of you but it never says that the second jet of light was truly red therefor it was most probably the killing curse. sensing the pressence of death the veil in the death chamber (’cause that’s what it’s called) sucked him in.

  71. Hpexpert

    By the way did any of you know that J.K.Rowling was originally planning to let arthur weasley be the one that gets killed in the order of the phoenix not sirius. she changed it to sirius, no-one is sure why

  72. Alanna

    Since almost every post is why did she kill him i will tell u if Sirius had not died the end of the book would not have had the suspence the emotion and kinda the best part of the book i men harry and cho are over the only thing harry could call a parent DEAD and later on in the other books sirius being dead makes it better and for you who is saying she changed her mind about Arthur Weasleys death prob because Ron Ginny and all them would be sadder than harry and they didnt loose their girlfriend harry did

  73. Alanna

    Oh and if it was mr weasley harry would not feel like no one else understood and not as angry

  74. muhammad

    i think that sirius black is alive, but he’s just working undercover for the order of the phoenix. he’s just trapped trying to figure his way out. But at the same time i think hes dead. I didnt wtach the movie but i know that bellatrix used a killing worse.

    i think sirius

  75. Alanna

    @ muhammed no he is not alive it would be impossible since he had fallen into the veil and no he is not a ghost because well to be a ghost you have to be scared of dying that was not how sirius would be myself have read all of them but your theory is the sam as well mine but i thought about and was sure i was wrong and i was right about me being wrong lol i heart hp

  76. Max He

    It was an Avada Kadavra curse

  77. Leighanne

    I believe that Bellatrix cast a Stupefy, but I don’t think Sirius is (completely) dead. The force of the Stupefy caused him to fall backwards into the veil. He was not moving as he was knoked out. Also, the description Rowling used for the spell Bellatrix used said it was red, not green, so not Avada Kedavra, so either Crucio, stupefy, and Expelliarmus. However, Sirius is not disarmed, nor is he wailing in agony so it has to be Stupefy.

  78. Harry lover

    I feel that the veil separated life and death. When sirius got hit by the spell, he looked surprised and fell thru d veil. Dat givs me a feeling like: sirius is alive but is in the dead world. But in the deathly hallows when Harry uses the ring sirius comes too so im not really sure.
    I dont think dat d spell was known. It was probably sum spell dat d deatheaters made. It wasnt stupefy because the effect wasnt directly on impact

  79. Harry lover

    It was definitely not avada kedavra. Or else sirius wud hav died like cedric. Its only adravra kedavra in d movie. N v can never trust movies

  80. Harry potter fan

    Actually, the veil seperates the world of living, and world of dead, so when sirius fell through the archway, he immediately died cuz he basically fell into a different world of death. Sad. He was my favorite character.

  81. Sasha

    After rereading it, I’m sufe he fell through the veil to “The afterlife”. They were supposedly in The Chamber of Death, and also earlier Luna and Harry heard voices- which were they’re dead parents.

    -Sasha (Skizzestudios@gmail.com)

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